Hi! I’m Jadira. I’m a little eclectic, so I love everything from Dr. Who to Anime to sports. School is important to me and I’m always hitting the books. When I’m not studying, you can find me chillin’ with the other CGs, my awesome family, or volunteering in the community.

Hey, I’m Alex! Soccer is my life and I’m one tough cookie out there on the pitch. I feel strong, brave, and unstoppable whenever I play. After soccer, my favorite thing to do is cheer on my girls and support them in everything they do, because Confident Girls know how to stick together!

What’s up?! I’m Aja. I’m the quiet one of the CG crew and I like to express myself in different ways. I love to explore new cultures, cook yummy food, and I’m a crafty-DIY queen! Making things with my hands is how I show the people in my life how much I care.

Shima, the bookworm here! I’m never without a book in my hand because learning new things is everything to me. Reading makes me so happy that I created a Youtube channel, just to talk about books! I’m also a loyal friend who’s always there to see the CGs be and do their best.

Now, it’s your turn! We saved a spot just for YOU, because the Confident Girls love to make new friends. Send us a note to tell us who you are and one fun fact about yourself. We can’t wait to meet you!

My name is Andraya, but you can call me “Draya.” I’m a creative, free spirit and budding fashionista who loves to shop! I’m the oldest of the Confident Girls, so I’m basically the “mama bear” of the group. It makes me happy be a source of strength and guidance for them whenever they need me.