Confident Girls is excited to announce the release of its new subscription box, Confident Crate. Confident Crate offers a fun yet empowering monthly subscription box, that caters to a young daughters’ uniqueness along with fun surprises for the entire family to enjoy.  The box contains 2-3 full-sized beauty products and an additional 3-4 curated items with a new and unique overarching theme each month. That is up to seven specialty items with a value of up to $100.
Every box includes: 1 family activity, plus self-care products like organic skincare, unique toys, and cool lifestyle items.
Confident Girls is represented through a vibrant mix of characters named Jadira, Alex, Shima, Aja, and Andraya. These characters are loosely based on the characteristics, imagery, and personalities of Alex, her two sisters, and her two cousins.  The Confident Girls characters represent the diversity that encompasses the Hopkins family.  
Studies show that by the age of 6, girls gain awareness of their body image. By late elementary school 50% of girls develop a negative body image, and 78% by the time they reach seventeen.  This lack of self-esteem has lifelong consequences. Girls who are raised with confidence are more equipped to handle stressful situations, exhibit a more positive attitude and have the ability to positively influence others and seek leadership roles in their community. The creation of Confident Crate allows us to bridge this gap and accomplish three key principles: the importance of self-care, seeking diversity in everything we do, and most importantly instilling in young girls all over the world the belief “that confident girls look like me.”   
When asked about the importance of this crate Alex states "Confidence to me is the courage to do something that other people are afraid to do.  One of those things is being yourself and doing what you feel is right.  Starting Confident Girls with my mom we hope that we can give people the courage and confidence to stay true to themselves.”